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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Large Animal Series, by Tim Taylor
Silver gel prints, 14" x 17" on 16" x 20" fiber paper, 20" x 24" black metal frame,available for purchase:  $500.00 ea
The Large Animal Series will be exhibited at the Walnut Creek Library in "Favorite Places"
Tim’s Artist Statement:

Unlike most other mediums of visual interpretation, photography stands in a unique and special relationship with Time, for it describes only the present, that at a mere fraction of the total element, which instantly becomes a past moment upon the next frame replacing that exposure with a new receptacle for information.  All photographs are time exposures, varying only in duration and each describes a certain private encirclement of time.  The photographer must interpret, and in a sense predict, time every time the camera comes armed with film.

These photographs span several elements of Time. Historically, animals have been a major element in man’s visual interaction with environment. These photographs explore the resulting parallel between the social structures of the contemporary human society and that of the animals, using time as the vehicle for travel. They also incorporate an intentional contradiction of time by using very long exposures in the camera to force a blending of light and shape and an electronic strobe to burst through the mixture while inscribing a frozen parcel of the total image. The images then capitalize; even thrive, on the primitive, sometimes violent, contrast between implied beauty and force of the animals photographed. Once hunted and elementally vital as a means of survival, Horses, upon domestication, become a beast of burden and worship simultaneously.
Next...check in next week for a conversation with Tim in a Q & A format about his bio.